Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Added Thanks

Thanks to those of you who have come online to read this memoir.
Notably, to our friend John Berry, who has more knowledge and interest than most of our generation of the activities in the Pacific during the war. Thanks, John, for helping pass this stuff down.
Special thanks to Merlin Dorfman, for his corrections and addenda. Merlin, quite the WWII scholar, sent along some material I hope to be adding to comments from the appropriate posts soon.
Also thanks to our dear friend Tess Cowie for her kind words. Tess's husband Bill was a retired Marine Major who served his own brave time in the war. Bill and Dad had an longtime,ongoing, good-natured ideological debate, Dad the Sailor, Bill the Marine; Dad the Democrat, Bill the Republican. It's a debate that Dad has always truly relished, in which he's found many counterparts, probably none as well-suited as Bill.